Mercury Theatre, Colchester

The Mercury Theatre Colchester is the most active producing theatre in East Anglia, and is a vital centre of excellence in the East’s growing creative economy. The Mercury exists to put theatre at the heart of the community it serves and to make work in Colchester that reaches audiences and generates critical attention regionally and nationally.

The Colchester Repertory Company was formed in 1937 by Robert Digby and Beatrice Radley and mostly offered weekly productions at the Albert Hall in the High Street.

This continued until 1963 until the arrival of David Forder as Manager. The company then gained considerably in professional stature and theatre acquired a more significant role in Colchester’s arts provision.

In 1968, the Colchester New Theatre Trust was formed to identify a site for a new theatre and to oversee its constructions. The Mercury Theatre, designed by Norman Downie, was opened on 10th May 1972, after a successful fund-raising campaign, supported by a large grant from the Borough Council.

David Buxton, the first Artistic Director, was succeeded by Michael Winter in 1984. After David Forder’s retirement as Administrative Director in late 1990, Michael became Artistic Director and Chief Executive. In May 1994, Pat Trueman succeeded him in the joint role, until 1998. Adrian Stokes joined as Associate Director in 1995 and initiated the Community Education Programme. In 1998 Dee Evans arrived as Chief Executive and Gregory Floy as Artistic Producer. Together, in 1999, they formed the Mercury Theatre Company with Gregory as Artistic Director. The Company quickly achieved national recognition, and was the recipient of several awards. After Gregory left in 2003, Dee became both Chief Executive and Artistic Director.

In 2012 a new leadership team took over the at the Mercury when Daniel Buckroyd was appointed Artistic Director, leading the theatre in an exciting new direction.

Mercury Theatre

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